About Lui Alliance

LUI Alliance (part of LUI Events Pte Ltd), a music education consultancy firm based in Singapore, aims to identify the challenges faced by stakeholders to provide effective solutions in order to elevate the education standards of our industry. This would develop a sustainable eco-system for everyone in Singapore & Asian Region.

There are many music schools & private teachers in Singapore, we believe we can play a part and bring our expertise to the industry with the global network we have built for more than 20 years in the Ministry of Education, private sector and overseas music schools. There is a need to innovate and remain relevant, to ensure teaching and businesses are conducted ethically.

We have identified key gaps in the eco-system. We all know that one key to quality education is pedagogy and at LUI we intend to create better awareness, while providing guidance with internationally recognised experts from the industry.

We believe the answer to a sustainable eco-system is to collaborate and share resources. We aspire to bring people together in the industry to support its growth and develop a meaningful learning platform for everyone.

LUI believes harmony is key to sustainability, let’s embark on this positive challenge together to achieve our shared goals and see our industry flourish!

Suite of services & solutions in LUI Alliance:

  1. Career / Executive Coaching
  2. Consultancy – business & music curriculum
  3. Business matching for expansion
  4. Recruitment – matching professionals in music related organization to find the right fit for teachers / management staff

Sustainability is about Collaboration and Sharing of Resources

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