LUI is all about music education.

It promotes the notion “music is a companion in life and a companion for life”.

LUI offers a platform that allows learners to nurture music. From early childhood introduction to music, to advanced learning in the teenage years. It also supports those looking to learn music at the tertiary level, and those seeking to embark on a music career.

LUI believes that the benefits of music will only be maximised when the journey is holistic. It is not just about being able to play an instrument well and passing the examinations, it is about having the passion for music and the ability to appreciate and appraise. To that end, what LUI offers is an integrated, end-to-end solution.

LUI offers the revolutionary early childhood music programme Stave House. Originated from the UK, the Stave House method instills music interest in the young, through a series of fun and creative teaching techniques. It builds a strong music literacy that allows the young learner to proceed on to any musical instrument. The Stave House method provides the base for structured learning in later years, with a transition that is seamless.

For musicians wanting to make music their career – in performing or in teaching – support is also available from LUI.

Established in Singapore in 2008, LUI now supports music learners and educators in over two dozen countries across Asia and the Middle East.

Founder Peline Ong has been in the music education scene for over two decades. She is passionate about music education, about what music can do to people and what people can do with music.

Peline is currently the consultant for London College of Music Examinations (Asia).

“Music is a companion in life & a companion for life”

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