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As music learners progress on to the foundation years and to advanced learning, it is important that their experience remain holistic and broad-based.

Learners ought to be exposed to the different genre of music and instruments. They should also be equipped with the knowledge to appraise, and understand music in greater depth. Participation in recitals and other events provide experience beyond the classroom. These include music festival and exchange programmes.

Structured music theory and practical assessments form an indispensable part of broad-based learning. They help break down learning into manageable chunks. On the completion of one assessment milestone, learners become emboldened to the next.

The London College of Music, or LCM, has had a long history in offering assessments to music learners worldwide. Established in 1887, it offers assessments through its examination board known as LCM Examinations, or LCME. Its assessments are reputable and qualification recognized internationally. For details of the assessments available, please click here.

LCME examinations are available three times a year –  in the spring session (March-April), summer session (July-August) and winter session (November-December).

LCM is unique in that it is part of a respectable university, the University of West London. This means learners wanting to take music to the next level – for personal growth or professionally – will be able to do so at this university.

LUI supports institutions offering LCME examinations. Interested music learners may enquire at your regular music school, or alternatively contact LUI for details of accredited examination centres. To contact LUI, please click here.

2018 Closing Dates for Asia

Spring 5 Jan 2018 Mar / Apr 2018
Summer 27 Apr 2018 July / Aug 2018
Winter 24 Aug 2018 Nov / Dec 2018

Spring 5 Jan 2018 21 March 2018 (Wed)
2:00pm (Step, Grades)
Summer 27 Apr 2018 9 Jun 2018 (Sat)
10:00am (Step, Grades, DipMusLCM, AMusLCM Paper 1)
2:00pm (AMusLCM Paper 2, LMusLCM Paper 2)
Winter 24 Aug 2018 24 Nov 2018 (Sat)
10:00am (Step, Grades)


LCME Reviews

I really like LCM, as from a teaching point of view, it is a very flexible exam board. They are fully accredited, and are worth exactly the same as ABRSM and Trinity at each grade. What I particularly like, is for piano, the exam handbooks encompass all the elements of the exam in one book, so it works out much cheaper for my students.
Jane S.
Piano Teacher

LCM’s marking scheme is, in my opinion, much fairer. More marks are rewarded for the pieces instead of the aural tests and sight reading. This is possibly why some people pass with higher marks than others. Another good thing with the LCM exams is the Viva Voce, I think this helps the student become more musically knowledgable.
Matthew L.
Flute Teacher

As one who took LCM grades 5, 7, 8 & theory, in a 12 month period (obtaining a distinction and 3 merits), I can only say that the choice of pieces is no easier than other Boards. For me, age 75, the reason I chose the London College is that I have lost the ability to memorise music, including scales. I have to ‘sight read’ every piece every time I play it. Therefore, the option of playing technical pieces instead of scales made the exams possible for me. I found the examiners, without exception, very professional yet friendly enough to put one at ease.
O. Notes

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