Stave House Teachers’ Training Session

Singapore 31 Oct – 02 Nov 2018

We’ve had another successful session with teachers from Singapore, Malaysia, India and Qatar.

Stave House Teachers' Training Session (Singapore 31 Oct - 02 Nov 2018)
Stave House Teachers' Training (SG201810)-- Teachers at tea break

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Group Photo

Stave House Teachers’ Training Session Group Photo

From Right to Left: Russell Travers (Co-founder), Ruth Travers (Founder), Mr Bidhan Patra (India), Mr Tan Yao Sheng, Mr Teh Jie Xiang, Mr Ariel Erguero Yncierto and Mr Wong Yoon Foong
Front row: Ms Wei Fung Wong (Malaysia), Ms Sharmistha Shome (India) and Ms Hazel Marie Baró Reducto (Qatar)

Teachers’ Reviews

Feedback from teachers to the following questions, after completion of the course:

  1. Has this course met your expectations?
  2. What have you gained from attending this course?

Yes definitely. Children in India needs a structured foundation course for music.
Mr Bidhan Patra (India)

Yes definitely a beautiful concept a totally different insight to learning theory of music and connecting it to the playing skills.

Learnt from Ruth Maam to passionately and energetically and creatively teach. Stave House method will definitely help us in the existing teaching method.
Ms Sharmistha Shome (India)

An extraordinary approach to enabling literacy for toddlers.
Mr Teh Jie Xiang (Singapore)

This course has opened my mind in Stave notes reading. 100% met my expectations.

New approach in teaching the notes reading in a fun and interactive way. Bringing joy to the children in learning music.
Mr Tan Yao Sheng (Singapore)

Definitely! I love Ms Ruth’s passion in advocating this great holistic approach to music in a way that is encouraging, positive, and relatable in a very practical and fun way which is very important.

It’s just so wonderful and reaffirming that there is a method that is really taking music education to its purest. Encouraged to continue to pursuit of holistic approach to learning music adapting to the real needs of today’s generation.
Ms Hazel Marie Baró Reducto (Qatar)

This course covers all the fundamental musical elements from rhythm, pitch to recognition of notations. A much recommended teaching method.

Good sharing on teaching in group. “Stave house” includes movements, music appreciation more enjoyable than boring individual teaching in the old school methods.
Ms Wei Fung Wong (Malaysia)

Yes. It even surpassed my expectations. Before attending the training, I thought it is only for 3-5 year olds but Ruth opened my mind that made me so excited to teach my 7-9 year olds.

I gained confidence in teaching little children. Not to mention, I’ve gained a number of new good friends. Thank you.
Mr Ariel Erguero Yncierto  (Singapore)

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